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Structural Wood Systems re-draws every plan from scratch to create the optimal structural design. During this process SWS will layover the plumbing, HVAC, and electrical plans to search for conflicts.  In most projects there are many conflicts, flaws, or inconsistencies. SWS will route out these problems and provide solutions that consider all of the trades, not just the structural design.

Discovering these flaws prior to construction saves time and money.

When you partner with Structural Wood Systems, you’ll receive a set of plans that is ready to be submitted to the building department.


This, “Permit Ready” package includes the following:

     -Stamped ¼” scale framing plans

     -Stamped beam & joists calculations

     -Stamped lateral load analysis (shear wall/braced wall design)


Upon completion of the rough framing process, SWS will visit the site to inspect the framing.  SWS will provide a marked-up set of framing plans highlighting the areas that were framed improperly.  This marked up plan is often used by our customers as a “punch-list”. 


Whether you’re working on a single family, multi-family, or light commercial project, Structural Wood Systems is here to meet your needs. 


Sourcing your structural components is no longer a worry. SWS will provide every structural component you need, both wood & steel, manufactured to your specifications.  Everything is made-to-order and perfectly aligned with your project’s requirements.


The following is included with our service right from our locally-run warehouse in Bellingham, MA. LVL Beams, I-Joists, Open Web Floor Joists, Roof Trusses, Wood & Steel Columns,  Steel Beams, Steel Portal Frames, as well as Rim Board, Blocking Panels, Insulated Headers, and a full line of Simpson Strong-Tie Connectors.


We take a variety of measures to proactively reduce your project’s waste, prevent confusion, and minimize costs. All wood components are cut to 1' increments and have one factory edge. Beams are clearly labeled, blocking panels are pre-cut, and all steel members are pre-drilled, precision end trimmed (PET), primed, and ready to be bolted together. 


If requested, we can also provide your components, both wood & steel, with pre-drilled holes for HVAC & plumbing. And should you need it, we offer on-site welding services as well. 


Every delivery you receive will be specific to a single floor of your project, keeping the installation process clear-cut and preventing any installation mistakes. We deliver only what you need - no more, no less. Your team won’t be puzzled trying to make sense of extra components on the job site. 

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