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Incomplete Plans

​If your project is being held back by incomplete plans, our team can flesh them out and ensure complete cohesion. 


We start by redrawing your existing plans from scratch to confirm accuracy, correcting any conflicts along the way. Then, both a complete set of framing plans as well as 3D model of the plan are created.


Once the 3D model has been generated, we then do a full structural design of the wood frame building. The structural design will be optimized to meet your preferences. 


Your complete plan will consist of the following:

     -1st Floor Framing Plan

     -2nd Floor Framing Plan

     -Attic Framing Plan

     -Roof Framing Plan.

Once your plan is finished, we will provide you with a quote for 100% of the structural components, both wood & steel. This price is guaranteed.

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