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Attention to Detail Is Everything

Structural Wood Systems is a specialty lumberyard that provides the structural design as well as the structural components (floor trusses, roof trusses and steel beams) direct to the homebuilder. 

“The primary reason home builders use our service is simple: our designs are done right," Founder Jeff Gray says. "They are more thorough and accurate than anything else in the marketplace. Each design includes a roof, attic, second floor and first floor framing plan as well as a footing plan analysis to ensure the structure is supported properly. Plumbing fixtures, recessed lighting and HVAC conflicts are addressed during the design process rather than after the frame has been erected. We look at each project as if we were building it ourselves.” 

Upon completion of the structural design, Structural Wood Systems provides a pre-cut, pre-labeled system that eliminates waste, reduces assembly time and lowers the overall cost of the frame – all at a price that is guaranteed. “There is no guesswork, everything is worked out in advance, allowing the framer to simply follow the plan.”

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The Story of SWS

Before engineered lumber was commonly used in New England, the team behind Structural Wood Systems saw the need for stronger, higher-performing framing materials. We recognized that most plans were poorly coordinated. Very rarely did the structural plans take into consideration the location of the rough plumbing, HVAC, and/or electrical components. 


We sought to address these issues by becoming the all-in-one structural solution for builders throughout southeastern New England. In 1994, we opened our first facility in Stoughton, Massachusetts serving as a regional specialist in the structural design of wood framed residential and light framed commercial construction.

From the beginning, our mission statement has been simple: "Make our customer’s job easier". 


With this intensely customer-focused approach, we’ve built the industry’s most loyal customer base. All of our growth has been the result of referrals or word of mouth, from builders who have come to trust us as an invaluable partner in their business. (PS: We are currently working on making a new video! This video may be a decade old but our business model is still the same.)






Clear & Concise Designs Done Right

A set of plans has no value if the plans are not followed properly. We take great pride in the thoroughness and accuracy of our designs. With that being said, we provide clear and concise plans that are very easy to follow. From every beam that's systematically labeled to every last squash block we show what you need.

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